Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Git Fresh Blow Me A Kiss

It's like this (this) it's like that (that)
I got dough (dough) i got stacks (stacks)
I can't buy anything that i need (need)
But i gotta have u 4 free
I ain't neva paid 4 it in my life (my life)
So why the hell would i pay 4 a wife (wife)
I need luv (luv) yes i do (do)
But this is wat i need from u
Ooh a brother need luv and affection
A brother need tlc
And i talkin bout chilli (chilli)
But i'll take chilli if she want it
Ooh a brother need cookin and cleanin
And when she say she luv me she mean it
Her insides pretty (pretty)
And if that's u (u)
Blow me a kiss (kiss) 2 let me know (know)
If u feelin me u can do better (hey)
Than that scrub that u with (than scrub that u with)
Baby all that u gotta do (gotta do) is blow me a kiss
I'm bout this (this)
I'm bout that (that)
I had hoes (hoes)
(i spent stacks) stacks
I've had everything in my life (my life)
But i'm a have u tonight
Yeah i'm a have u... u...
I need luv (luv) yes indeed (deed)
But this is wat u get from me (from me)
Ooh i'm a give u luv and direction
U can be my? i ain't talkin bout thriller (thriller)
But i could be your thriller if u want it
Ooh i don't need no cookin and cleanin
We can get a maid if we need it
Cause i'm on my brizz-ed (brizz-ed)
That u diggin me (diggin me) u can do better (hey)
Than that scrub that u're with (than scrub that u're with)

za nieza a.k.a awek klate

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